Anatomy Atlas of Bourgery & Jacob,
lady Mantois

 illustration – artistic direction – mediation – research – web / app

Anatomy Atlas of Bourgery & Jacob,
Lady Mantois


– Didactique visuelle

– artistic direction
– illustration
– mediation
– researcher


Creation of the section dedicated to Mrs. Mantois for the I-pad application on the Anatomy Atlas of Bourgery and Jacob, initiated by the program of tangible didactics, an university program lead by the Hear in cooperation with different universities.

This program concerns the study of convergences and interactions between the arts and sciences. It examines the educational devices from classical antiquity to contemporary times, through the study of the various mediums and the possibility offered by each one of them to the transmission of knowledge by the image.

This part explains the colorwork done by Lady Mantois and her studio on the Atlas. It informs about the different stages of work, the tools used but also develops the highlights of the life of this woman.

Creation with Julie Escoriza.


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