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During the 19th century, the number of know chemical elements continued to increase due to advances in chemistry, physics, and in particular methods of analysis : at the beginning of the century, only about thirty chemicals elements were identified and they are over 80 hundred years later.

From the discovery of these new elements arise the need for a classification. Several attempts are made, but the classification in the form of a table proposed by Dimitri Mendeleïev in 1969 is the one that is necessary / now globally used by the scientific community, because it makes it possible to easily identify the chemical compounds which have close properties.

I worked on the creation of a new version of the Mendeleïev classification so that the latter holds in a pocket and that it contains a maximum of useful information for the most curious. For this I have adapted it in the form of a deck of cards with various symbols which give several information about each element, between the person who discovered it, the date of this discovery, the cristalline structure that it adopts and much more…The table becomes modular because it is its owner who chooses from what information it will sort its cards.


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