In the distance, they are blue

graphic design – artistic direction – edition – analog photography

In the distance, they are blue

Date – 2017 Client – Personal project
Role – artistic direction – graphic design – analog photography – edition

I have always been passionate about the mountains and the wanderings that can be made there. For my DNSEP (master’s degree) I wanted to work on this problem: what is a mountain course? What are the feelings that this arouses in me? Around me, the opinions are the same although the experience differs. How can walking in the mountain be universal?

Starting from writing a short story on one of my strolls in the mountains – using the vocabulary related to this relief – I created a « combinatory system » on the mountain. « Step by step, you have to build, create, imagine. Reading each chapter, a choice to make: take a pic, why not two, sometimes three. Then you must be assembled, create your landscape, as a personal testimony of a mountain experience in my company. Pick the image, choose the order, everything is possible. You are free: it’s you who climb too, who discover. Some images can be added, others removed. A picture wall created itself according to the steps I take in. The experience of the mountains is shared by many people, but each one retains different details: create your road, your assembly landscape. Go ahead. »

Analog photographs self-developed and silkscreen edition.


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