1001 vies habitat,
develop a senior housing policy

ethnology – mediation – facilitation – illustration – information design – photography

1001 vies habitat,
develop a senior housing policy


– 1001 Vies Habitat

– ethnology and observation
– illustration
– mediation
– facilitation
– photography



The aging of the population will fundamentally change the needs of tenants in terms of housing and services for maintaining good health at home. 1001 Vies Habitat wishes to establish its policy to systematize the consideration of these needs in the renovation, construction of housing, or in the operation of residences.

We accompanied the social landlord 1001 vies habitat in the development of its sheet road to improve inclusion and housing for seniors.

For this, we have worked on the occasion of a 15-day Living Lab.
There, we followed the daily life of ten senior citizens.
This immersion of 2 weeks was conducted with the help of an ethnologist, Léa Ahmed.
We were able to follow and document 3 homes in their daily, conduct interviews, observations, to animate times co-design with residents to refine the concepts, and finally to test some prototypes within homes. These experiments allowed us to develop a roadmap in the short/medium term anchored in concrete projects and ambitions of the social landlord.

The information design made it possible to illustrate the exploration phase, to create mediation supports, and to give shape to the solutions identified with the inhabitants.
To put people at the center of this project, we have favored a sensitive approach. Every day, the on-site team commented on their discoveries and progress and shared audio moments with senior people.
To be able to illustrate their daily life, their aspirations in terms of habitat, and to remind that a senior person is above all a person, we offered volunteers, photo sessions in their place of life to capture universes and ways to apprehend them space.
All this collection of images and testimonies was subsequently communicated during feedback, which made it possible to understand the needs of seniors with great sensitivity. This Living Lab aimed to enrich the knowledge of the staff of 1001 Vies habitat so that they can take into account the specificities of senior citizens in their new policies.


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