Open models

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– artistic direction
– graphic design
– mediation
– edition


Open Models is a book made available here.

Software, education, industrial design, data, science, art and culture: open models are everywhere. The actors who use the open approaches challenge the positions established by the traditional actors. Often, communities organize themselves to collectively solve problems where centralized organizations are floundering. Tabby (the open-source kit-car), Protei (the open-source marine drone), OpenStreetMap, are just a few examples. What do these new models teach us? Under what conditions can they develop their impact? What dialogue and interactions are possible with traditional actors?

This edition offers a new look at the texts already freely available. Thus, it proposes to analyze, explain and contextualize a selection of 5 texts taken from the book mentioned above. To do this, I offer an open edition, where everyone can add and remove leaflets, and where we can find vocabulary, chronological or spatiotemporal frieze of certain projects, details life of the big names of open sources, etc… This edition aims to satisfy the curiosity of each one and to push them to seek answers to their questions as well as to analyze the texts available according to different looks and sources.


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