Illustrate a modular game

 illustration – artistic direction – graphic design – manufacturing – PAO /DTP

Illustrate a modular game,
a goose game platform for fighting with friends


–  Personal project

– artistic direction
– illustration and graphic design
– manufacturing



I was able to design, illustrate and build a redesigned goose game.
The latter, playable in two teams (and therefore with an unlimited number of players) is made up of more than 62 squares. Instead of creating a classic board game, I decided to give pride of place to illustrations and to create a modular board game made up of wooden cards that fit together – depending on the available playing space – next to each other.
The goal? Collect as much commodity as possible to exchange it for points and move forward across the board to reach the finish line. At each square, the card is turned over and surprises the player with a positive (gain of resources) or negative (loss of resources, the passage of the game turn…) effect.

Card illustrations are done using procreate, with a 6 colors palette. They represent the events triggered by each card, without ever revealing – before turning them over to read the accompanying text – the positive or negative finality.

After illustrating the 62 cards, I was able to cut the pieces of wood on which they were going to be printed – in a birch plate a few millimeters in size – at the CNC. After being cut, they were printed using a UV printer on the front and then their back.

I was also able to create the various pawns necessary for the smooth running of the game: the resources to collect (crystal, vial, and heart), player pawns, starting and finishing squares. These elements are shaped in colored plexiglass, cut, and engraved by laser cutting.
Finally, the box that contains the game is also engraved and cut using laser cutting. The set is completed by a rule book, which explains to the players the course of the game and the possible actions.


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