I leave you and I cry

edition – photography – artistic direction – graphic design

I leave you
and I cry


– Personal project

– artistic direction
– photography
– graphic design
– edition


After a trip to Nepal, I wanted to transcribe my experience. For this, I wrote a kind of diary, a precious object that one reads in secret, which could be a testimony of my journey. Falling under the charm of this country that I did not know before landing, I wanted to tell, from a single point of view, my journey as the beginning of a love relationship. Then I added to the numerous analog photography – developed by me – that show what had touched me, what I liked and what focused my attention on.

Playing with paper as well as words, images are hidden. It is necessary to look at the wrong side, to unfold pages, to tear them sometimes to access my narrative…So many invitations to immerse oneself in my story to discover by my words and then Nepal.


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