Digidoc Droit,
Justice and you

 web / app – video – mediation

Digidoc Droit,
justice and you


– High Court in Strabourg

– script
– video
– mediation


Digidoc droit is a digital application carried out collectively within the framework of the information design section of the Hear for the High Court in Strasbourg. The latter wanted a rigorous guide on the rights and duties for young people to create a digital documentary offering a renewed visual and interactive reading of the rights and duties of a young citizen in France.

We took care of the part on the public space, between questions about theft, vandalism, and violence. To do so, we have chosen to expose young people to the real dangers of different practices in films in order to make them aware of what they can not do and what their fictional heroes would incur in real life. After interviewing a panel of young people from the city of Strasbourg, we made short videos, combining extract from films and interviews with a judge specialized in these questions.

You can see the Digidoc in its entirety by clicking here

Création with Amalia Laurent and Pauline Laudet


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